Need a hundred morning buns for your wedding shower? Two hundred ciabatta rolls for the Rotary Club barbeque? Twenty-five challahs for little Danny’s bar mitzvah? (Did you know that all of our breads are certified Kosher Pareve and all of pastries are certified Kosher Dairy?) We are always happy to be of service. With adequate notice, we can meet all of your special occasion needs. Call us up and let us know what, when, and how many, and we will do the rest. We can have your order ready at our Retail Shop in Kensington or our Bakery in Alameda and if needed, we can also ship it to you via UPS.

A special note to Caterers and Event Planners - We can also do thousands of most of our breads and pastries for all your large events. Give us a call for more info! 

Special Orders